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Are looking to purchase a home but just not sure which loan program would work best for you?Is it important to you to work with someone that is experienced and that will work hard for you?

Well, you’ve come to the right place – Mid America Mortgage, Inc., your USDA Loan specialists in New Mexico!

As a New Mexico Direct Lender, we offer the lowest mortgage rates in Las Cruces, New Mexico and most competitive closing costs when it comes to your home loan in New Mexico. We are experienced mortgage professionals that will help guide you in the right direction, always keep communication open so you can close on time, and answer all of your questions along the way. While other lenders look at every way to deny your mortgage loan, we look at every wayto approve it!

We offer you:

FHA Loans Las Cruces, New Mexico – small down payment, low PMI, maximum loan depends on your county, insured by the Federal Housing Administration. Check FHA Loan Limits in New Mexico.

VA Loans Las Cruces, New Mexico – NO down payment, great mortgage rates, VA funding fee, guaranteed by the Veterans Administration

Conventional Loans Las Cruces, New Mexico – low down payment, great interest rates, maximum loan is $417,000

Jumbo Loans Las Cruces, New Mexico – loan amount exceeds $417,000, down payments are required, and documentation varies with each jumbo loan program

USDA Loans Las Cruces, New Mexico – NO down payment, small monthly PMI, No asset requirements, maximum loan depends on county, guaranteed by the United States Department of Agriculture. Check USDA Income Eligibility or you can check hereas well. USDA Property Eligibility can be checked also.

Home Equity Refinance Las Cruces, New Mexico – New Mexico Home Equity Loan refinances (New Mexico Cash Out) are a fantastic way for you to consolidate your monthly debt into one large tax deductible mortgage. You can literally save hundreds of dollars each and every month.

Whether you’re trying to determine if you qualify or if you’re interested in finding out what kind of documentation you’ll need to ultimately get your loan, we can provide you the information you’re looking for and with no hassles. Additionally we’re more than happy to take your phone calls as well.

Mid America Mortgage, Inc.‘s USDA Loans in New Mexico makes it easy to get started with our online loan inquiry. After you complete the quick form below, we will contact you within 1 business day to go a little more into detail on what you are looking to do and how we may be able to help.

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